2 comments on “Geometry designs based on the Bulgarian Elbetitsa by Cris

  1. Can you please tell me more what is the bulgarian elbetitsa? I’ve never heard of this word. I’m new to Bulgaria and I’m looking forward to learn more about its culture.

    • The Elbetitsa is a symbol which is very typical for the Bulgarian folklore but it can be seen in all the world, in basically every culture, especially in the embroidery (but not only) and it stems from Prehistory. The basic Elbetitsa is just a cross with four equal arms, and the more complex has a second cross in it, inverted by 45 degrees. Generally it represents the cycles of life and nature; it can be seen as the four main and the four secondary directions of the world, the seasons and the seasonal feasts connected to the solstices and equinoxes; respectively the stages of life and the beginning of a new cycle after the end of the previous one. Also as the four elements, the four winds and so on and so on 🙂 Thanks for asking and showing some interest about it! I hope we’ve been helpful with that information! Cheers!

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