Kuker Flash #2 by VladiMir


The Kuker is the traditional Bulgarian carnival character. Men, dressed as scary creatures, wearing elaborate masks, lots of fur and “chan” bells tied to their waists, perform rites for health and fertility. Their impressive dances aim to chase away winter and evil, welcoming the warmth and happiness of upcoming spring.

Samodiva Flash by Cris


The samodiva is a bulgarian mythical creature; a most fascinating one. Samodivas are beautiful women who live at the end of the world and come to dwell among us for a few months of the year. They are passionate music lovers, they often abduct lads to play to their dance gatherings in the woods. They live in the mountains and go to the highest peaks to brush their long, long hairs. They can cause or heal many illnesses, depending on the attitude of people towards them. All of the plants depicted on the painting are favorites of the samodiva – burning bush, rosa canina, mistletoe, geranium and ivy.